Hard Times at COHO

Camille is currently performing in the Stephen Jeffrey’s adaptation of Dickens’ novel Hard Times at COHO Theater.

Hard Times runs through June 2nd.  Thurs-Sat at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.

“Each actor exhibits impressive range, but Cettina is a tour de force. The physical particularities of her many characters are all finely crafted, particularly the neurotic widow Mrs. Sparsit and the unionist worker Mary Stokes, who steals the show with one speech.” The Portland Mercury

“Of the four performers, Camille Cettina is perhaps the most successful at capturing the hilarious absurdity of her characters. She shifts easily from the youthful and feisty Cecilia to the more staid working class Rachael to the ever-flustered Mrs. Gradgrind to the humorously haughty, pursed-lipped Mrs. Sparsit. Especially with respect to the last character, her comic timing is splendid – allowing her to draw laughs from the least gesture or idle gaze.” The Oregonian

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