conceived of and performed by DeDeDe

A well-executed, crazy and joyous piece that was very tight, slick and satisfying.

(as described by the Old Vic’s New Voices directors)


Under the fizzing fluorescent lights of the Human Resources office at Waitrose Holloway Road, two manageresses are waiting. Backs arched: haircuts powerful: in every way erect: Melinda and Belinda are waiting for their next interviewee.

Jonathan enters, the vision of innocent optimism – here to interview for the position of Waitrose shelf stacker. Melinda and Belinda welcome him hungrily. They quickly dispense with the initial questions and get to the point they’re all waiting for – the Roleplay section…

Waitrose and DeDeDe emerged from an intensive Lecoq-based training at The London International School of Performing Arts.  The core members, Seiriol Davies, Mariana Whitehouse and Camille Cettina met in 2006 and began what has transformed into a rigorous and exciting exploration of theatre making which aims to reach beyond traditional approaches and styles.  The script is not the thing, in and of itself.  Nor is the physical world.  It is the synthesis of these elements, and the practice of creating work through structured improvisation, simultaneously writing with text, bodies and space, which allows the quotidian to become a highly poetic experience.  With a keen sense of rhythm and a profound sensitivity to the human condition, DeDeDe is committed to the careful crafting of both the physical and verbal world.  It is this attention to detail, to the play between visual and aural elements, combined with a highly energetic style of performance, which allows DeDeDe to engage its audience not just with wit and images, but kinetically.

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